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Spark a Dream is your source for Disney news and commentary from former Disney Cast Members, Bill Winter and Lourin Hubbard. With podcasts, live videos, blogs, and more- Spark a Dream is a place for Disney lovers to share, comment, and feel part of the magic away from the Mouse. We talk Disney and other travel experiences with the help of our partners at Dreamers Do Travels and other occasional guests. Do you have an idea for an episode? Or would you want to be a guest? Contact us for more information.

Bill Winter

Bill Winter


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Lourin Hubbard


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Disney News & More

Check out our recording from October 17th as we talk latest Disney news and dive into an email we got.

October 25, 2018    |    73min

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Concierge Travel Agent

Concierge Travel Agent

Blog post What Is a Concierge Travel Agent and Why Should I Care? Not too long ago one of the owners of our agency posted something on Facebook that really made me think. She recommended that all of us agents market ourselves as concierge agents; the idea being that...

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