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5 Reasons to Visit a Disney Destination for Your Next Grown Up Getaway

Apr 3, 2019 | Blog, Disney Info

Adult Disney Trip. Yes, you read that right- ADULT Disney trip. I completely understand that most people view Disney experiences as something for the kids, a family experience. Full disclosure, I have two kids and we love a good Disney trip. But for me, a working mother of two, a good grownup trip to the happiest place on earth is AH-MAH-ZING. After returning from a recent adult trip, I wanted to share some of the insights from myself and fellow travelers about why we felt refreshed after our trip. Kids or no kids, Disney offers enough to satisfy any group of travels.

1. Disney service. You don’t need an all inclusive resort on a tropical island to find world class service. Disney hotels- from value to deluxe- will go above and beyond to make your trip great. Disney cast members are always on hand to happily answer questions. Any issue, big or small, is handed with so much care. If you use Disney Magical Express- luggage and ticketing headaches with airlines are so much simpler. Disney has a high standard of care for their guests and it shows in the details.

2. A real getaway- one of the things Disney does best is take you away from the everyday stressors of live. Transportation- handled. Trash on the ground- no problem. There are no ads for any thing besides a Disney affiliated company, no laundry, no groceries, no screaming kids that are your responsibility, and endless list of activities at your disposal. Disney feels like another planet sometimes because it so removed and really a city within itself.

3. Food. Yes all the grownup food. Do your kids exist on chicken fingers and plain noodles? Do you crave a good meal without cutting up someone’s chicken or having the kids give a dissertation on why your meal is disgusting and why they wouldn’t eat it? Or like me, do your kids have the uncanny ability to need a restroom trip the exact minute a warm delicious meal hits the table resulting in cold mama-food? Take the opportunity to eat at all the restaurants the kids don’t like. Even without kids at home, friends of mine love the amount of diverse food options available at Disney locations, American to ethnic, low end to high class. For me, its Sana’a at Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Coral Reef in Epcot. My kids tolerate the African themed food (there’s always kids options) but on a grownup trip I can take my time and truly enjoy Indian bread service or the Coral Reef lobster speciality.

4. Busy in a good way. Your brain is so preoccupied with Disney things that you can not think about stressors from home. Work deadlines- sorry, no brain bandwidth to deal with that, I have a a fast pass on the other side of the park! Is the dog eating enough at the kennel? No way girl, focus on what flavor margarita you want! You too are busy ENJOYING yourself. That is what all adults really need anymore, a mental break from everyday life.

5. Adult drinks. Navigating a stroller through crowded Epcot while not spilling your margarita is huge accomplishment- lower the bar, mama, and actually SIT to enjoy your drink. Epcot has a world of offerings and even more during the festivals- Food & Wine (obvious adult trip time), Holidays, Festival of the Arts, and Flower & Garden. I recommend the seating areas on the water in Epcot and the new tap house in Hollywood Studios. I suggest checking out the concert listings for Epcot during festival times as well, you would be surprised at the number of great FREE shows available with your park admission.

Have a few, responsibly of course, and enjoy the free transportation back to your Disney resort. It’s almost like Mickey designed this place for adult fun!

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