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Which way?! That’s Why We Use a TA!

by | Oct 29, 2017 | Blog, Disney Info

Have you ever just arrived at Magic Kingdom® Park and got completely flabbergasted by how big it truly is? Then get to Main Street, U.S.A.® Area and just get floored by the beauty of Cinderella Castle. All the while you’re walking and not having an idea of what’s next or where to go and all of sudden you are at the castle and can’t go any further…..Which way?! Well, that’s where a TA comes into play!

As a former Cast Member at Pirates of the Caribbean® Attraction I’d love to say go left and start in Adventureland® Area, but maybe that’s really the way. Maybe you should go right and start in Tomorrowland® Area and ride the Space Mountain® Attraction, or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin® Attraction! What happens if your Disney FastPass+ service plans are made and they are what dictates where you go and when? How about dining reservations? Wow we already have these intangibles in our way before we even made a decision! That’s where using a Travel Professional like myself can benefit you immensely. Not only am I an expert in the planning and a former Cast Member, I’ve personally done this myself several times and have truly weighed out all options through some success and some failures. That’s how we, as TAs, get better for you, our valued client and guests. I would take into consideration when making your Disney FastPass+ service plans and dining reservations which park you would be visiting that day, the ages of your children and their interests, parade schedules, and so much more all the while orchestrating the most hands-free Walt Disney World® Resort vacation as possible for you. My ultimate goal is to make you relaxed and have the focus be on your family and enjoying your deserved vacation.

Magic Kingdom® Park can be a very magical place but it can be a lot of walking and back and forth if you don’t have a solid plan. It’s the key to stress-free and having a TA who can guide you is always an incredible option and a very wise one, to say the least. When you walk into Magic Kingdom® Park with a plan you have no idea how much you’ll see and how much more fun you’ll have!!

Andy Kowalick

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